We bring different
engineering companies,
that are working together to create change in the Baltic region.

About Rocket Cluster

Rocket Cluster is an organisation that brings together professionals from different engineering fields for a common purpose. It is proving that working together helps us to achieve a lot more, and that different approaches and experiences become a strength in achieving our common goals. Representatives of companies operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, USA, Switzerland and the Netherlands are creating and inventing things on a daily basis that are changing the world and overcoming the challenges of modern engineering.


Rocket Cluster solutions for growing the businesses of the future!

Product development

From the idea to the final product, professionals from different fields of engineering are working together to create and meet the challenges of modern engineering.



Investing in very-early and early stage businesses.



Tom O. Kleppestø

Entrepreneur and leadership consultant Tom O. Kleppestø

There are many various industrial clusters in Norway, the society of which is characterized by an especially high level of trust. Usually, when competitive companies team up, we say that we work together when we can and compete when we have to. We increase the pie in this way and, consequently, its each piece increases.

What concerns engineering, I can note that it is endless. It is the driving force that keeps carrying us forward and, since engineering is endless, its future is constantly being developed together with increasingly better solutions and products for all mankind.

The aim of Rocket Cluster is innovations and research which will be of a much broader scope that one company could develop or conduct. I am an economist; therefore, I am constantly looking for synergy and for the way 2 + 2 could be more than 4. An excellently

performing cluster achieves

precisely that.

Morten Kroslid

„Kroslid Invest AS founder and CEO“

Morten Kroslid is a well-known Norwegian Kroslid Invest AS founder and CEO.

He has become the ambassador of the

Rocket Cluster project, which has brought together progressive engineers who believe in the success of this type of cooperation.

“It is bringing together companies from different fields of engineering in the pursuit of a common goal. It is important that we can have joint assistance in exporting and developing large projects,” said the expert.



Neo Ross

Business strategist and consultant

Renowned businessman Neo Ross is a constant traveller who shares his experiences with those wishing to hear the story of his success.

The professional has always emphasised personal growth and has established four businesses in the last decade.

However, he makes no secret of the fact that he has had to overcome a number of challenges before being able to share his formulas for success today.

The Rocket Cluster ambassador believes that knowledge can always be turned into an effective tool that can help in business and the field of engineering.




UAB „Metal Production”

Address:Išradėjų g. 11A, Šiauliai 78149
Contact person:Gediminas Tamošaitis

UAB „Santaviltė“

Address:Europos pr. 121, Kaunas
Contact person:Andrius Čapas

UAB „Anaga“

Address:Kauno g. 36, Vilnius
Contact person:Mindaugas Januškevičius


Address:Išradėjų g. 11a, Šiauliai 79202, Lithuania
Contact person:Įkūrėjas ir savininkas: Lauras Zakarauskas


Address:Simno g. 35a, Kaunas
Contact person:Vytautas Daniulaitis

UAB „TeleSoftas“

Address:K. Donelaičio g. 60, Kaunas
Contact person:Algirdas Stonys


Address:Savanorių pr. 28, Vilnius
Contact person:Darius Kvedaras
* unassociated member