UAB „Anaga“

UAB „Anaga“

Address:Kauno g. 36, Vilnius
Contact person:Mindaugas Januškevičius

Mindaugas Januškevičius, Head of Anaga

“”The Anaga engineers, who have now joined the Rocket Cluster team, are professionals in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Mr Januškevičius said that his company, which has been operating since 2007, has been through a number of crises, but those difficult periods have only strengthened his team.

“We started our business before the economic crisis and have survived a number of difficult periods, and our greatest strength has been our large circle of trusting clients, which includes the largest Lithuanian companies, supermarkets, banks and telecommunication companies.

We started with trade and focused on high-end brands. These are quality devices that guarantee the quality. Later on, installation work was added to the trade, and today we sell and install air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems,” says the head of UAB Anaga, which also sells household appliances and plumbing equipment.

Engineering professionals who have been designing HVAC systems for 14 years are now saying that although they have seen many market disruptions, the most important thing is that engineering solutions around the world keep evolving, and innovations are catching on so fast that oftentimes we don’t even notice.

“This is a very rapidly advancing field. When I told my customers five years ago that the future lay in electric appliances, air-to-water systems and solar panels they did not believe me, but this now our daily life. Thinking green and finding environmentally-friendly solutions is natural these days. We can only guess what innovations will arrive in another five years’ time,” concluded Mr Januškevičius.