Rocket Cluster takes care of business development processes – from the idea and its financing to the development and launch of the final product.    
Product development

Moving toward a new reality with innovative products 


It has been proven that we need to change the way that modern infrastructures and processes work, in order to achieve sustainable development. There are plenty of innovative ideas and solutions, but the journey from the idea to the market requires a lot of effort. A number of technical, practical and legal obstacles need to be overcome, before large-scale solutions can be applied. Rocket Cluster brings together professionals from different fields of engineering, who work to find new ways of making the world a better place. Rocket Cluster helps implement projects of varying degrees of complexity, tests and checks ideas, develops prototypes, and implements and solves production issues.

Assistance in applying to structural and investment funds

Attracting investors

Offering financing directly from Rocket Cluster

Consultations on various engineering and capital raising issues

SCADA programming

Design and implementation of modern high-speed data transmission systems

Programming of PLV in industrial and embedded computer bases

Assembly of power and control cabinets

Water and land engineering (aquaculture engineering) solutions

Execution of construction projects

Seaweed cultivation and harvesting

Development of bioreactors


Implementation of information technology solutions

Development and implementation of Internet of Things technologies

Mechanical projects

Development of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

Development of electrical engineering projects

Development of electronics and electrical system projects

Work on biotechnology projects

Operational maintenance

Development, production and delivery of various engineering projects

Development of projects, structures, systems, equipment, products and devices

Research and experimental projects