Address:Savanorių pr. 28, Vilnius
Contact person:Darius Kvedaras
* unassociated member

Darius Kvedaras, Head of BE LIVE

Baltic Engineers, a team of outstanding construction engineering professionals that have operating for years, has proven many times that innovation is their driving force. These Vilnius-based engineering experts, who create projects with a complex and holistic approach, are proud to have implemented a number of well-received projects in Northern Europe and the Baltic region.

When asked about the achievements of his company’s team, Darius Kvedaras, CEO of Be Live, mentioned such ambitious projects as the Continental plant in Kaunas, Kaunas FEZ and the Dovista plant. The company has also successfully designed IKEA shopping centres in Lithuania and Latvia. “International clients demanded the highest standards in terms of quality, digitalisation and sustainability,” explained the CEO, reflecting on his company’s high-profile work.

This team of professionals is definitely adding to Rocket Cluster with their expertise in digital design, project and construction management, site and project planning, environmental protection, building sustainability and more.

“Europe and the world are rapidly moving towards sustainability and digitalisation, and Lithuania is keeping pace. We are certainly not the last in line. Rocket Cluster is an active platform for the development of the company. Its members are experienced and innovative companies that do not compete, but instead complement each other in their activities.

The combined competences of the members of Rocket Cluster can provide a client with implementation of their project from the idea to its completion, not only in terms of the design, but also the manufacturing and construction,” Mr Kvedaras noted, adding that Baltic Engineers are currently working to ensure high-quality services throughout the entire project cycle, from the idea to its implementation.