UAB „TeleSoftas“

UAB „TeleSoftas“

Address:K. Donelaičio g. 60, Kaunas
Contact person:Algirdas Stonys

Algirdas Stonys, Business Owner and Founder of TeleSoftas

TeleSoftas, one of the most prominent smart and innovative IT service companies in Lithuania, is based in Kaunas and provides digital transformation consulting and software engineering solutions to clients worldwide.

Founded in 2004, the company now exports most of its services to the Scandinavian region, as well as to the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. When Algirdas Stonys, founder of the company that develops software worldwide, was asked to name the TeleSoftas team’s most notable achievement, said that it is undoubtedly the UCLPartners project, which has helped hospital networks to cope with the flow of patients in the current times of uncertainty and to overcome the challenges they have faced.

“We are also proud of our small projects such as Rain Children, a fundraising platform created free-of-charge for the Mažeikiai Autism Association, which is having a huge impact on people’s lives.

Without any doubt, one of our greatest achievements is our long-standing experience and relationships with our customers, with whom we have become not only their partners in technology, but have also earned recommendations that allow for new partnerships to be established,” said the founder of TeleSoftas.

For a company that develops cutting-edge technologies, the pursuit of pioneering solutions and innovation is a daily routine. That is why the TeleSoftas team did not hesitate to join the new Rocket Cluster project.

“We have joined the Rocket Cluster team of visionaries and innovators. As a software development company, we see a lot of opportunities to cooperate with partners from other markets as a means to create much more value not only for our customers, but also for the global society and to contribute to technological progress in various sectors,” said Mr Stonys.

TeleSoftas is currently focusing on international expansion and is constantly looking for ways to improve employee happiness and growth. Its professionals, who are already established in the market, are devoting a lot of their time and attention to helping start-ups.

“We are keeping pace with the global trends in digital transformation. Lithuania has benefited from the fact that we have an excellent internet connection and educational system.

The IoT innovations and AI being developed in Lithuania are at the epicentre of global innovation. This certainly makes optimistically believe that we will become the new Silicon Valley,” said the founder of TeleSoftas about the future of engineering.