Address:Simno g. 35a, Kaunas
Contact person:Vytautas Daniulaitis

Vytautas Daniulaitis, Head of Aksonas

The intense competition and risks involved in developing new products and applying engineering innovations to everyday work have proved to the professionals at UAB Aksonas that nothing is impossible. Mr Daniulaitis, Head of the company, identified the 15 years of operations, marked by many interesting projects, as one of the company’s greatest achievements.

Aksonas is well-known in today’s world of engineering for its expertise in scientific, technological and experimental development, which can be applied in a wide range of fields, from fish farming to pharmaceuticals and more. Perhaps the most accurate terms to describe the companies activities would be related to science and research; however, there are also some down-to earth tasks associated with farming and mundane work.

The engineers with more than 30 years of experience work to design equipment for industrial companies. As professionals in their field, they can also take pride in providing a service that brings all aspects of engineering work together to give the client the best possible solution.

“Our range of services is very broad and we always try to implement even the most seemingly unrealistic ideas of our clients. That requires not only creativity, but also being passionate about engineering and having an inner drive. We experiment, enjoy our work and create every day.

Mechanical engineering is an archaic field that has not changed much and is unlikely to change in the future. But of course, it has always been and will always be needed – just as electronics needs mechanics, so mechanics needs electronics,” explained Mr Daniulaitis, adding that creativity is an inevitable part of the job when it comes to engineering, so he and his colleagues refer to themselves as the “”artists of mechanics”.

The Head of Aksonas is convinced that Rocket Cluster represents the future of engineering, as it enables progress by combining the strengths of different companies to create joint projects. “Companies with different profiles can sometimes resolve issues faster. In this way, we can complement each other and find the best solutions for our clients,”” said Mr Daniulaitis.