UAB „Metal Production”

UAB „Metal Production”

Address:Išradėjų g. 11A, Šiauliai 78149
Contact person:Gediminas Tamošaitis

Gediminas Tamošaitis, CEO of Rocket Cluster, represents his Metal Production company in the organisation.

Based in Šiauliai, the company has been providing engineering and intermediation services in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions for the past ten years. During this time, UAB Metal Production has proven that it can cope with a wide range of engineering challenges. The team of professional engineers has delivered a seaweed crusher to the Azores, constructed a catamaran that fits into a single sea container, designed a microalgae cultivation reactor to grow microalgae industrially in large volumes, engineered and contracted the manufacturing of a flue gas boiler, designed a custom LED lighting solution for tunnels and to carried out a wide range of other projects.

When Mr Tamošaitis was asked what key areas of the company’s activities he would like to highlight, the CEO of Metal Production mentioned the importance of working with scientific institutions. “”Our goal, which I would describe as a fundamental one, is the development of joint and high added-value products together with science and technology institutions.

Equally important is working with start-ups to help them implement their ideas and attract investments. Although we are an engineering company, we are also focused on climate change and reducing CO2 emissions. This can be seen in the projects that we have already implemented. We try to combine productivity with meeting the needs of the client and making a contribution to protect nature at the same time,”” said Mr Tamošaitis.

The future of engineering lies in aquaculture, green energy, IoT and biotechnologies. The company’s knowledge and experience in these areas, according to the CEO, will enable the development and extraction of newly discovered resources from renewable and environmentally-friendly sources.

The latest estimates suggest that the human population will increase by one billion in the near future, and we need to keep in mind that that increase in population will not be accompanied by an increase in land, water or other resources. This shows that we now need to pay attention to more sustainable solutions,”” said Mr Tamošaitis.

Metal Production has put its sustainable ideas into practice by creating Rocket Cluster, an organisation that combines the resources of professionals from different fields of engineering to help increase their competitiveness in the international market. It is an engineering pathway that has proven itself in the global marketplace, allowing professionals to excel and deliver the best products and services to customers.

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