Lithuanian and Norwegian Engineering Professionals Help Colleagues in Ukraine

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As soon as the Russian war against Ukraine began, the entire world couldn’t remain indifferent. Rocket Cluster, which unites engineering professionals from Lithuania and Norway, promptly responded by providing both financial and human assistance. Moreover, they have plans to welcome colleagues from Ukraine.

“Learning about the war in Ukraine was undoubtedly shocking, but we immediately started considering how we could help. Our goal was to make a meaningful contribution as quickly as possible, so we have been closely monitoring the situation and offering aid in any way we can.

Our shareholders and partners in Norway also swiftly joined us in providing essential support to the war-ravaged country. While the war has undoubtedly impacted our work, at this moment, the most crucial thing is the lives of people,” said Gediminas Tamošaitis, Head of Metal Production and Rocket Cluster.

According to Tamošaitis, the current situation is far more complex than during the COVID-19 crisis. Since the war’s onset, the members of Rocket Cluster have been actively involved in assisting with the accommodation of refugees who remain in Ukraine, as well as those who have arrived in Lithuania. Additionally, they have not forgotten about their Ukrainian colleagues.

“Now, we all have a lot on our plates, with numerous challenges ahead. It’s crucial that we come together and focus as a team. While the future may look different from what it was before, we must remain steadfast in upholding our values. Together, we can truly become stronger,” he emphasized.

Previously, Rocket Cluster had plans to collaborate with Ukrainian colleagues, particularly in the field of nuclear engineering. However, when the war broke out, the team decided not to wait for formal cooperation opportunities and extended immediate invitations to talented Ukrainian colleagues to join the cluster.

“We are open to cooperating and offering job opportunities to professionals from various engineering fields, including IT, mechanical engineering, and more. Engineering knows no borders, and I firmly believe that together, we can create numerous remarkable projects,” said G. Tamošaitis, Head of Rocket Cluster, an organisation that has united diverse engineering teams driven by a shared passion for innovation and technology.

Rocket Cluster, a collaborative effort comprising companies such as Metal Production UAB, Santaviltė UAB, Anaga UAB, LZtechnika UAB, AKSONAS UAB, and two additional non-associated members, TeleSoftas UAB and BE ALIVE UAB, is currently engaged in diverse engineering fields. These include scientific research and experimental development, project and structure development, system and device design, production and delivery of various engineering projects, as well as the development and application of lasers in the industry. The cluster also focuses on implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, designing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and creating modern high-speed data transmission systems. Moreover, they offer consulting services on a range of engineering and capital raising matters. Additionally, the Rocket Cluster plays a significant role in the cultivation and harvesting of seaweed, among other ventures.