The Secret to the Success of the Automation and Engineering Company Based in Kaunas: Providing Services to Clients as if for Themselves

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Operating within the field of automation and engineering, Santaviltė UAB offers services demanding exceptional expertise and competencies to clients worldwide. According to the Head of the company, the realization of successful projects rests upon a professional and dependable team, whose continuous achievements consistently bring satisfaction.

Driven by captivating projects

Based in Kaunas, Santaviltė UAB boasts over 18 years of international experience in the fields of automation and electrical engineering. It has expertise in energy efficiency, robotics, and mechatronics.

Distinguished by their professionalism and profound competence, Santaviltė UAB offers bespoke engineering solutions that deviate from the norm. Their portfolio encompasses the modelling of electrical and mechatronic systems, the design of electrical and control systems, the assembly of power and control cabinets, PLV industrial and embedded computers, SCADA and monitoring programming, the design of cutting-edge high-speed data transmission systems, and comprehensive installation services.

Company Director Andrius Čapas says that the idea to create a business was born while still working at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). He acknowledges that while the initial stages were challenging and entailed a learning curve in terms of business development, the allure of engaging projects fuelled his perseverance.

“We function as partners in the field of electrical automation engineering services. Despite occasional shadows cast by larger, more prominent enterprises, our work is the best representation of our capabilities. Santaviltė UAB has frequently collaborated on successful commercial research and experimental development initiatives, underscoring our commitment to our partners,” states the interviewee.



Unparalleled solutions

Santaviltė UAB collaborates with clients in Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Finland, New Zealand, and various other countries. Among their accomplished endeavours are notable achievements such as installing refrigerating units on a stone-smelting line in Switzerland, integrating stage management systems in Riga and Tbilisi, and conducting SCADA and PLV modernization for the refrigeration warehouse management system at Girteka UAB.

Nerijus Simanauskas, the Project Manager and Automation Engineer at Santaviltė UAB, reflects that while he initially embarked on his journey with building automation, the most pivotal accomplishments of the company involve the successful execution of ship modernisation, the installation of refrigeration systems, and the development of mechatronic systems.

“Programming, design, and installation of the first ship’s systems were remarkably successful financially and aligned perfectly with the client’s expectations. Since then, we have started developing within the maritime sector. Another defining milestone was venturing into robotics and mechatronic systems. It all started with a large project for a Lithuanian company. Although it presented considerable challenges, we overcame them and have since sustained a longstanding collaboration with the client,” recalls N. Simanauskas.

According to him, the greatest strength of Santaviltė UAB, which enables the implementation of successful projects, is the accumulated experience in the field of engineering. “Our innovative solutions frequently stand at the forefront, not solely within Lithuania but on a global scale. Continuous improvement and the pursuit of pioneering ideas ensure our competitive edge, allowing us to deliver non-standard services that optimally address the needs of our valued clients.”

Success lies in the team

Meanwhile, A. Čapas emphasizes that the accomplishments of former and current students and employees bring no less gratification than the company’s triumphant outcomes. In his view, the activities of Santaviltė UAB are based on mutual assistance. Therefore, the focus lies not in the company’s workforce size but rather in the unwavering mutual trust among its members..

“Talented students frequently find their way to Santaviltė UAB through the recommendations of KTU lecturers, providing them the chance to acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge. Beyond financial gains, witnessing the professional growth of these young, gifted individuals who commence their journey with us in their second or third year is truly pleasing. It’s often said that a teacher’s pride lies in the success of their students.

Having had the privilege to contribute to the KTU assessment commission, I’ve had the honour of participating in the conferment of a professorship upon a student who commenced his career within our organization. We also support other promising young talents, striving to create an environment conducive to learning. Of course, it is unfortunate when skilled professionals leave the company. Yet, there’s little time for prolonged sorrow, as we must continually seek out new talents,” says the Head of Santaviltė UAB.

Stanislav Ignatavičius stands as an example of such employees who initiated their careers at Santaviltė UAB while still pursuing studies. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in automation and control from KTU, he concurrently secured a master’s degree in control systems while working at the company. “This organization presents exceptional developmental prospects both in terms of employment and education. Through consultations with more experienced colleagues, young specialists expand their horizons, gaining deeper insights into the process of crafting engineering solutions,” states the engineer.

Over nearly five years of service within the automation and engineering fields, S. Ignatavičius has played an instrumental role in realizing significant robotics projects. Among them stands the automated six-axis robot, adept at lifting remarkably heavy concrete blocks, which has recently been integrated by Gelgaudiškio gelžbetonis UAB. Therefore, in discussing this and other accomplished ventures, the interviewee highlights that the engineer’s supreme source of contentment lies in the successful conception and deployment of novel systems, directly benefiting clients.

Innovation shapes the company’s future

Discussing the challenges that Santaviltė UAB confronts, A. Čapas highlights the company’s extraordinary projects and the competition posed by other prominent international enterprises also situated in Kaunas. Consequently, substantial efforts are dedicated to maintaining the company’s financial stability, retaining experienced team members, and training new personnel. Equally, significant emphasis is placed on nurturing collaborations with overseas partners.

The Head of Santaviltė UAB affirms that the company has adeptly harnessed various design and programming tools over an extended period. Presently, the company’s engineers are fervently seeking to further enrich their expertise in image recognition and the control of unconventional and industrial robots.

“While off-line robot programming and simulation packages may no longer be considered ground-breaking, the concept of ‘digital twins’ still holds novelty, especially within the Baltic countries. We have recently secured multiple licenses to advance this technology. This implies that not only can we visualize mechatronic systems, but we can also seamlessly integrate the control systems we engineer with models of mechanical systems crafted by clients or ourselves, even in the absence of actual equipment.

This proves exceptionally beneficial, as the fine-tuning of automated systems typically transpires in the final stages. As a result, projects were often delayed. At the same time, this technology facilitates early system debugging, preventing mechanical failures attributed to programming errors. Moreover, it instils confidence in the project’s success among clients. This is the path that we intend to follow in the forthcoming years, concurrent with the advancement and deployment of mechatronic and robotic systems,” the interviewee unveils the company’s future plans.

Applying high quality standards

By constantly monitoring and analysing the services provided, the staff at Santaviltė UAB upholds elevated quality standards, thereby ensuring the continual alignment of client needs and expectations. According to A. Čapas, the company’s quality policy is based on the wisdom of the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius.

“I consistently emphasize to my team members that, above all, we are inhabitants of this planet; our roles as workers, educators, medical professionals, engineers, entrepreneurs, or managers follow. We apply the same principles to ourselves and our clients. The main idea of our approach is best reflected by the statement, ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated,’” emphasizes the Head of the Kaunas-based company.

The Rocket Cluster membership also helps Santaviltė UAB provide a wider package of quality services. In this organization, professionals from different engineering fields collaboratively share insights, experiences, and competencies, collectively striving for enhanced competitiveness and the expedited execution of large-scale projects. A. Čapas is happy with the opportunities opened up by the Rocket Cluster, and acknowledges that partnerships with other companies are particularly important for the company he leads.

“As our company does not engage in product manufacturing itself, we rely on collaboration with entities focused on developing products reliant on electricity and control mechanisms. Nowadays, finding a substantial device devoid of electrical and automation requisites is rare. Therefore, a cluster is perhaps the best way to unite entities with diverse competencies toward a shared objective encompassing research, experimentation, prototype development, or limited-scale production. The Rocket Cluster is exactly such an organization,” says A. Čapas, the Head of Santaviltė UAB.