Address:Išradėjų g. 11a, Šiauliai 79202, Lithuania
Contact person:Įkūrėjas ir savininkas: Lauras Zakarauskas

Lauras Zakarauskas, Founder and Owner of LZT Group

LZT Group, which owns UAB LZT, UAB Vandenvala, UAB Medtopas and a branch in Latvia, is a leader in the construction of wastewater treatment plants, engineering networks and specialised contract manufacturing. This team of engineering professionals manufactures bespoke custom-designed products made from thermoplastics, steel and stainless steel

“Our clients are usually companies that have the know-how but don’t have their own production facility. The most frequent requests are related to issues at wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, chemical storage and dosing, or fishery plants,” explained Lauras Zakarauskas, Founder of the Group.

Based in Šiauliai, the company implements engineering projects in Western European countries and has regular clients operating in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Great Britain and the Faroe Islands.”

This member of the Rocket Cluster has an exceptional approach to environmentally-friendly solutions. The professionals at LZT Group are constantly looking for solutions that will not only help overcome environmental challenges, but are also innovators in the field of engineering.

LZT Group’s current goal is to increase its production capacity by 30% and to further expand its client base, by exploiting the group’s full potential and new production facilities.

“This will allow us to make the most of our opportunities and to expand into new markets. At the same time, new opportunities will arise through our work with Rocket Cluster. Such projects make it easier for companies to achieve their goals.

Rocket Cluster’s strength lies in the collaborative work of companies with different skills that complement each other’s best qualities. In this way, the client receives a complete solution for their project,” emphasises Mr Zakarauskas.