Insights from a Company Collaborating With the Largest Companies in the Country: Unveiling Their Competitive Edge

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The secret of Anaga UAB success lies in upholding the highest standards of quality throughout its operations. The company specializes in offering comprehensive services encompassing design, installation, maintenance, and sales for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Therefore, its client base is composed of some of the largest companies in Lithuania, which initially used the provided services and maintain ongoing collaborations.

The company’s operations encompass two complementary areas

Established in 2007, Anaga UAB operates in two distinct areas. It engages in the sale of sanitary ware and household appliances while concurrently offering comprehensive services in the domain of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system design, installation, maintenance, and repair. According to the Director of the company, Mindaugas Januškevičius, these areas are of equal importance and mutually reinforcing.

“Client preferences generally lean towards obtaining a complete package of services, which includes both the necessary goods and their installation. Installation activities somewhat depend on the season. Meanwhile, revenue from trading various equipment is more evenly spread throughout the year. This synergy between the two aspects of the business underscores their essential roles in upholding Anaga UAB operations,” says the Director of the company.

Januškevičius states that the concept of establishing a company engaged in device sales and installation materialized naturally. It was driven by a desire to explore one’s capabilities and leverage the knowledge and experience accumulated during managerial roles. Initially, Anaga UAB focused on providing clients with high-quality products from reputable brands within the sanitary ware and household appliances sectors. The decision to broaden their service spectrum occurred unexpectedly.

“The first premises we rented for expanding our operations happened to be situated next to the company specializing in conditioning and installation work. Noting their success, we started to delve deeper into this field and explore the potential of offering similar services. Our efforts were rewarded with success, and within just a few years, we found ourselves surpassing our neighbouring company,” the interviewee recalls.

Quality is key

The skilled team at Anaga UAB undertakes projects within some of the country’s largest enterprises, encompassing shopping centres, banking institutions, telecommunications companies, and public organizations. Notable names among Anaga UAB clients include Maxima UAB, Swedbank AB, State Enterprise Turto bankas, and Public Institution Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos.

The most important goal of the company is to deliver top-notch services to clients, thereby fostering enduring partnerships and ensuring seamless business continuity. “Working with clients requires a certain sequence. Firstly, in order to start communicating with the biggest companies in Lithuania, we need to get good reviews. For this, you need to accumulate experience, qualifications, and receive favourable feedback from clients who have experienced our services first-hand.

Equally vital is the understanding that, within the private sector, service providers are typically chosen based on guaranteed quality rather than the lowest cost. Consequently, we must execute each task meticulously according to the plan, as there might not be a second opportunity. Only by consistently delivering high-quality services can we maintain a solid reputation and thereby cultivate a loyal clientele who repeatedly seeks out our services,” emphasises M. Januškevičius.

Therefore, the most gratifying validation for the Anaga UAB team is positive recommendations. According to engineering experts specializing in HVAC system design, the pinnacle of satisfaction arises when clients learn about the company through word-of-mouth referrals rather than advertising or information gleaned from the internet. Recommendations from individuals or entities who have directly benefited from Anaga UAB services and vouch for the quality of work performed stand as a testament to the company’s excellence.

Choosing the path of innovation

When questioned about his greatest source of satisfaction regarding the company’s operations, M. Januškevičius emphasizes his immense pride in the close-knit team comprising nearly 20 individuals. His team comprises skilled engineers, sales professionals, and installation specialists. The Head of Anaga UAB highlights that he, too, has acquired numerous insights alongside these dedicated employees.

“At the beginning of our activity, we encountered many innovations. I recall the first time we installed equipment ordered by our clients. During those times, we learned from instructional videos. There were even instances where we had to make deliveries during the Christmas period while others were gathered around festive tables. This learning process was very interesting, and gradually, everything else started falling into place,” the interviewee says.

To remain competitive, Anaga UBA must not only continually refine its services but also steadfastly tread the path of innovation that they embarked upon right from the outset. “After founding the company, we immediately delved into working with electrical devices, despite scepticism from some people who believed it wasn’t viable and would prove unsuccessful. Nonetheless, today, we see that more and more building heating or ventilation systems are based on solar energy or electrical devices.

In contrast, many other companies were entrenched in installing gas boilers and offering services tied to solid fuel. Consequently, when circumstances evolved, certain enterprises struggled to adapt to renewable energy sources and eventually ceased operations. This transition did not catch us off guard, and we have continued to evolve in line with the modern world,” says the Head of the company.

The aim is to elevate the company to a higher level of quality

While the global COVID-19 pandemic makes it difficult to make long-term plans, professionals engaged in HVAC system design and installation are steadfastly formulating enduring visions. “The company’s goal in the short term is not to lose an existing foothold against disruptions stemming from supply chain and other pandemic-induced challenges, uphold high standards of quality, retain our clientele, and preserve our turnover.

Looking further ahead, the aspiration is to implement an automated project management system encompassing all the company’s endeavours. The abundance of ongoing projects has surpassed the capacity of human resources alone to efficiently manage the associated information. Therefore, we hope that information technology solutions will elevate the company to new heights, enhancing operational efficiency and overall success,” the Director of Anaga UAB shares his future plans.

In order to further strengthen its position, the company has also joined the Rocket Cluster organisation established in 2016. The fundamental purpose of this initiative is to unify representatives from diverse engineering fields toward a shared objective: enhancing competitiveness and providing clients with optimal solutions through collaborative efforts and the integration of varied competencies.

Januškevičius says that participating in cluster activities offers both his company and partners an enriching and novel experience. “I believe that membership in Rocket Cluster will yield valuable benefits, affording us the chance to forge new relationships and connections. It enables us to exchange diverse business narratives, share experiences, knowledge, accomplishments, and even setbacks,” assures the Head of the company, which specialises in HVAC system design, installation, service, and sales.